Your Child’s Hope Score

If you are low in willpower (agency), you need to focus on how to surround yourself with people that can encourage and support you.

  • Your Agency Score is: 0

If you are low in waypower (pathways), you need to connect with people to help you think strategically about ways to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

  • Your Pathways Score is: 0

If you are low in both, this book may be a wake-up call to a much more complicated journey toward higher hope that Hope Rising discusses.

  • Your Total Hope Score is: 0

The Hope Scale has been administered to tens of thousands of people across the country and around the world.  This is what makes norming of Hope Scores possible for both Child and Adult survivors of trauma.  With the Adult Hope Scale, scores of 40 or above put an adult in a hopeful category. Scores above 48 bump you up to a higher level of hope. Scores of 56 or higher make you a high hope person. Scores below 40 put you in a low hope category.  Don’t panic if you have low hope right now in your life.  It just means you have work to do. Our guess is that if you have low hope in your life, it will not surprise you. It might mean you lack willpower, it might mean you lack waypower, or it might mean you lack both.  Fret not. There is a pathway to increasing willpower and waypower.

Lean in if you are low in hope right now. Go to Chapter 19 of the book (page 193) and start working the program of Hope Rising to increase hope in your life or if your focus is on increasing hope in the lives of children, read Chapter 17 again (page 164).


Your Child’s Answers

I think I am doing pretty well.

I can think of many ways to get the things in life that are most important to me.

I am doing just as well as other kids my age.

When I have a problem, I can come up with lots of ways to solve it.

I think the things that I have done in the past will help me in the future.

Even when others want to quit, I know that I can find ways to solve the problem.